White labelling in revvis

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White labelling in revvis in the main scene can be seen once rthe pause menu is enabled.

Press the spacebar always to show/hide the pause menu.

If you are a client of revvis you can send us[1] your website URL and company's logo which we can then implement into revvis and connect with your website.

If possible LOGO images should be provided as a power of 2. Means for example 800x800 or 1200x1200 resolution. If possible deliver LOGO images in PNG format.

Accessing client's website

Once you are in the pause menu of revvis you can press the left-click on the client's logo in the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you pressed on it, the new window will open asking you to confirm to link you to the client's website. This means you will leave the revvis application and go directly to the linked client's website.