VR Headset

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You can enable the VR view mode in revvis by pressing on the VR icon/button in the View mode dropdown which you can find on the top right of your screen.

Make sure you press the spacebar first to open the pause menu which will offer you the functionalities in the main scene.

Left-click with your mouse/touchpad on the View mode button and then select the last icon/button VR to enable the VR headset in revvis. Have in mind you will only be able to this if the headset was previously installed and is connected and compatible with your device and revvis.

VR Headsets compatible with revvis subject to our experience:



Have in mind while moving and viewing through revvis using VR headset you will only be able to utilise the movement while the interaction is not possible. The interaction would still be needed to be done on the device to which the VR headset is connected.

If other VR headset models are not mentioned this doesn't have to mean they are not compatible with revvis, just that they have not been tested enough to reliably confirm their compatibility with revvis software.