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In the main menu of revvis on the left part of the screen, you can find a Settings button.

In the settings, there are three subcategories: General, Display and Input.

Under the General category the following functionalities can be set and modified:

Language - Set the language you prefer in revvis. Currently English and German are available.

Data - Here you can set the preference of your download folder for revvis' usage.

Screenshot - Here you can set the location folder of the screenshots taken in revvis.

Auto save - If the check box is ticked revvis will automatically save your game subject to the interval of moinutes set by the slider below it.

Body size - You change the height of your avatar when in firsrt-person view using the sliding bar.

Headbob enabled - If the checkbox is ticked then the camera in first-person view will imitate walking on real life.

Crosshair enabled - If the checkbox is ticked then the center symbol for more accurate interaction will be enabled on the screen in the first-person view.

Show guide - If the checkbox is ticked then the help guide will be shown on the top left on the screen.

Interact message enabled - If the checkbox is ticked then the interaction message with the furniture, doors and windows will be enabled.

Enable controls help - If the checkbox is ticked it enables or disables the hints displayed in the upper left corner on the screen when editing a house. You can always hide them in-game using the question mark button that can be found on the top left of the screen.

Cache options - You can set the limit of caching data of revvis in the input field. You also have an option to completely clear the cache of revvis from your operating device.

Data usage - If the checkbox is ticked then revvis will send anonymous usage data to revvis servers. This is only to help us improve our service where it's needed.

Developer: Debug enabled - If the checkbox is ticked a debug developer's mode will be enabled.