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The room list can be accessed on the top right of your screen. Press the spacebar to open the pause menu first.

You will fund the room/floor list icon/button just next to the visibilities icon/button.

Pressing on it with a left click button of your mouse/touchpad will instantly open a new window with the room list.

On the top just under the room list title, you can find the search input field where you can type the given name of any property/floor/room that is part of the virtualisation to find it quicker.

On the left side in the room list window, you can find the names of the properties/floors/rooms depends if the virtualisation is consisting only of one property or it is a development.

Towards the right in the window, you will find a Pencilpencil icon/button which gives the ability to the user to rename any property/floor/room subject to its own preference. Simply click on it and type the new name you wish in the input field and then confirm it by pressing on OK button.

After the pencil icon/button you can find a Bulb/Light icon that controls all the lighting inside and outside the property. This function is however enabled only in the first-person view.

Next icon/button on the right is a Go to room function which will take you directly to the property/floor/room of the mentioned property/floor/room in that row.

Completely on the right of the window, you will find an Arrow pointing down which will open the dropdown and all floors/rooms listed under that section.

Have in mind when in the first-person view you will only be able to rename the property/floor/room subject to the porperty/development type, control the lighting - toggle it on or off and teleport avatar to any of offered properties/floors/rooms.

On the top of the window you will find an X button that will close the Room list window and a Minimize button which will minimize the window on the top of the pause menu.