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Welcome to revvis, bringing gaming technology to the virtual property world allowing you to create, design, style and share your dream home from the comfort of your sofa. This is a 'step by step' guide which aims to quickly and easily demonstrate how to use revvis.

Rotate your property / change the angle of view - In orbital view simply use the A and D key or Left arrow and Right arrow key or press and hold right button on mouse/touchpad and move it around to rotate around the property. Use the W and S key or the Up and Down arrow key to change the angle vertically.

Change the time of the day - Ensure you are either in the first-person view or in Orbital view. on the top right of your screen you will find the clock icon. Left-click on it and the option with the sliding bar will appear. slide left toward the dawn or right towards the evening.

Move around in revvis - When in first-person view use: a,w,s,d or arrow keys to move in revvis combined with the movement of your mouse/touchpad.

Look around in revvis - Use and move your mouse or touchpad to look around. in case you have VR headset enabled, simply move your body together with the VR headset.

Open doors and windows - Simply point on the door or the window you wish to open and press the left button on your mouse/touchpad.