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Located in the left part/edge of your screen, here you can find all houses in revvis. In case you are not logged in but accessing revvis without login credentials, you will be able to see only properties in revvis that are part of our global catalogue - accessible to anyone who starts revvis. In case you log in using your credentials, you will be able to see all properties listed under your revvis account and all properties that are part of the global catalogue.

Search - You can type the name of the property in the input field so you can easier and quicker find the property you want.

Start - If you are accessing the virtualisation for the first time, once you press on the wanted property the button Start will appear. Click on it to access the wanted virtualisation. It is worthwhile mentioning that you can directly click on the Play button which is already part of the Property virtualisation button itself which will then instantly start the virtualisation.

Load - If you have a saved gamed of the property virtualisation you want to access, once you press on it two buttons will appear. Create New and Load button. Press Load to load your latest property configuration.

Create New - As mentioned above, in case you already have a saved property configuration from before and you don't want to load it but start a new default house configuration, press Create New button.

Property description - Each time you press/select the property virtualisation in house lis, on the right side of the srceen more information usually including the brand logo or image of the house will appear.