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Here you can find available help support from revvis. Anything to report and all other information can be found here. Below is explained the functionality of each section of it.

Help center window on the top - here you can our e-mail addresses in case you have any report or suggestion or in case you are interested in our service. Use e-mail for reports and suggestions and in case you are interested in our service or have any other questions related to our product.

More helpful links - here you will find 4 buttons as explained below:

Bug report - Once you click on it, it will open a new report window where you can send us either a bug report or suggestions for an improvement which you can select in the dropdown menu. You can tick the boxes in case you want to attach the system information and screenshot which can help us to better understand your needs prior to sending the report.

Manual - Once you click on it it will guide you to our youtube channel directly to our tutorial videos which you can also find their links here [[1]].

Revvis home - This will ask your permission to guide you on the website of revvis which can all be accessed here .

About About will open new window with a section about revvis.

What's new - What's new window will always displays latest changes/updates/news in revvis.