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Main Scene in revvis is basically the loaded virtualisation that appears on the screen after being selected in the main menu and loaded.

Remember that to open and access the functionalities in main scene you will always have to press the Spcaebar to open the pause menu and press it again to hide it.

The main scene will always load the virtualisation in Orbital View. In Orbital View, you can view your virtualisation from any angle. You can rotate around your property, zoom in and out, change the time of the day, change materials and furniture, use functionalities from our visibilities menu and room list, measure anything[1], take screenshots etc. Even though the Orbital View offers a lot of possibilities some of then are experienced the best either in First-person View , Floor-plan View and VR Headset View when it is connected and enabled in revvis.

Internet connection indicator - Press the spacebar to open the pause menu and then simply point to the top left corner where you can hoover over and see the internet conenction indicator. It will tell you once hoover over if you are online or offline.

One of the most powerful features in revvis is revvis' catalogue system. There you can find all items in the revvis catalogue which you can use in revvis. Catalogue consists of materials and furniture items. You can also check the details such as dimensions, the name even pricing if written and where to find that specific material/furniture in real shop.

You can also at any point save your property configuration and load it at any time later on.

Revvis has so many interactivity and freedom that it is just the best you experience it yourself. Check our other pages under the Main Scene [2] section to learn about everything in more details regarding the functionalities and possibilities in revvis.