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Floor-plan view can be found in the dropdown menu once you have pressed with your left click mouse/touchapd button on the View mode icon/button.

Make sure to press the spacebar first with the left click of your mouse/touchpad to enable access to those buttons/functionalities.

You will find the floor-plan view as the third icon/button in the dropdown. Left-click on it with your mouse/touchpad to access the floor plan view.

Once in a floor-plan view, you can use your arrow keys as described for the movement in revvis or W, A, S, D keys to view and navigate the floor-plan view.

To have a better veiw of in the floor plan view and to access more details especially regarding the room labels and room measurements you zoom in and zoom out button on your keyboard [1].

You can access the visibilities menu [2] where you can toggle on/off offered functions you want to show/hide in the floor-plan view.

You can use the left click of your mouse/touchpad to interact with the materials and furniture in the floor plan view just as you would do it when in first-person view [3].

Access the catalogue [4] of materials and furniture and interact in the same way as you would access it from other viewing modes.

You can also use the room list [5] to view different floors and rooms of the property and other functions as described in the room list section, the only difference here while in floor-plan view you will always have the floor-plan/top-down view on the selected area.

Access and use the measurement tool [6] exactly as you would in other viewing modes.

To exit/access another viewing mode in revvis simply follow the same steps as to enter the floor plan view mode and choose another viewing mode in the dropdown from the offered ones.

Access the client's website ( white labelling ) [7] by pressing on the logo in the bottom right corner of your screen if you wish - have in mind this functionality will appear once the pause menu is opened after pressing the spacebar to enable the pause menu.