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"This installation package is not supported on this platform. Contact the manufacturer of the product.

This message means that your currently installed operating system is not supported by RevVis.

RevVis can currently only be installed on 64-bit Windows operating systems from "Windows XP Service Pack 2" and newer.

We cannot currently offer an installation in a 32-bit Windows.

“Failed to find existing launcher.version file! Try reinstalling the launcher. " at the start

The launcher could not find an important reference file, “launcher.version”.

Without this file, the launcher cannot start.

The file is included in the download of the launcher and should not be deleted or moved. Make sure that the “launcher.version” file is next to the launcher executable. If the file is no longer available, please download the launcher again from our link and check whether the file is now available.

Also make sure that your user has full read and write access to the directory.

Same error message under OSX Sierra (10.12)

The problem is likely the Gatekeeper Path Randomization (app translocation) introduced by Apple in OSX Sierra (10.12).

This is a security feature that RevVis copies into a new partition of your Mac and executes there. For security reasons, the launcher does not have write access there, which it does need to create downloaded data on your Mac.

Since RevVis has not yet been verified via the AppStore and you have not downloaded RevVis from there, the RevVis launcher is unfortunately placed in quarantine by your OS.

Normally, this security feature is only used if you download RevVis, unzip it and start it directly from the “Download” folder.

So move the RevVis_Launcher app from the download folder to your desktop (see screenshots below) and start the app again.

The only decisive factor here is that you have moved the app once using the Finder.

That means you can move the RevVis_Launcher app to your desktop and back to the download folder and the app translocation should no longer take place (but make sure to move the “launcher.version” file too).

Please note: The security feature is only deactivated if you move the app directly and via the Finder. Do not move the folder or use terminal commands like “mv” or other scripts to move the file.

How do I find the engine log file under OSX?

  • Open your finder.
  • Click on “Go to” in the menu bar at the top (6th menu item from the left).
  • Select "User Folder".
  • You should see a “Library” folder in your home folder. If not, make the following setting:
    • In the Finder window click on the gear symbol and click on the menu item “Show display options”.
    • In the display options, check the “Show” Library ”folder“.
    • The Library folder should now be in your user

"Failed to connect to Revive-Art server [...]" in launcher

The launcher was unable to connect to our server and an error message is displayed when the launcher starts.

First, check your local internet connection and make sure your computer has a working internet connection.

To check this, go to any website in your internet browser, for example.

If your internet connection is generally working, a blocked port in your firewall could be the problem.

The RevVis Launcher establishes a TCP connection via port 25568 to our server bsportal.revvis.com (IPv4: ).

The firewall on your computer and / or router must allow a connection via the corresponding port.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to set up a connection via a proxy server in the launcher.

Start the launcher without administrator rights

RevVis can be started with little extra effort without administrator rights, as long as revvis is installed in a folder that is not write-protected by the system.

Examples of this are the user directories (e.g. download, desktop, documents folders) and folders that do not contain any critical system files.

When installing revvis, make sure that the user who is running revvis has write access to the installation directory.

In order to start the launcher without administrator rights, you can use the "Run_no_admin.bat" file, which you can download from the following link.

Drag the "Run_no_admin.bat" file into the installation folder of revvis (next to the RevVis_Launcher.exe) and start the launcher by double-clicking on "Run_no_admin.bat".

Blooming artefacts in revvis once the vritualisation is loaded/started

The problem usually lies in the mesh of the staircase is you suspect that the problem is more locally. Revisit and recreate the mesh in 3D S Max and then reimport to fix this issue. You will have to build the house again after submitting it.

In case the whole project is blooming then check the glass material of the stairs or fence and replace it with another non-transparent material this will fix the blooming.