Change The Time Of The Day

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You will find the Change the time of the day icon/button on the top right of your screen just next to the Viewing mode selection. Press the spacebar first to open the pause menu and the buttons/functionalities will then appear.

Change the time of the day will enable the user to change the time in revvis from dawn to dark/night.

Once you press on it with your left click the slider will appear just below it. Using your left-click mouse/touchpad button slide left if you wish to see the property virtualisation in the dawn or slide to the right if you want to experience your property virtualisation in the sunset or dark/night.

All properties in revvis are geolocated what means they are virtually orientated towards the sun as they are/would be in real life. That way you can really experience the virtual sunlight and shadows playing in revvis as they would in real life.