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Catalogue can be accessed by pressing the left click of your mouse/touchpad on the Catalogue icon/button in the bottom left screen of your screen.

Have in mind you have to press the spacebar first to open the pause menu first.

Once you pressed on the catalogue icon/button the new window will open.

It will offer you two new buttons Materials and Furniture. Each of them after being clicked will open either material or furniture selection in revvis.

They both will have the same functions explained below, the only difference is that the Materials catalogue will show only materials and the Furniture catalogue will only show furniture items available in revvis.

In both catalogues you will find on the top left of your window a house icon/button which will bring you back to the main page of catalogue menu. Next to it, you can also find an input search field where you can type and find any kind of material or furniture subject to the type of the catalogue you have accessed. (You will not be able to search for the material if you are in the furniture catalogue and opposite)

  • Catalogue functions

When the material catalogue is accessed, the selection of materials will open with offered categories and subcategories - not all categories will have subcategories<.

You can find on the left side of the catalogue window the column with all categories available within the chosen catalogue.

Pressing the left click of your mouse/touchpad will select and open the category and show its available items.

Pressing on the same category again will deselect/hide all the items of the chosen category. You can also deselect it by pressing on the category in the filtered row just next to the search input field.

You can select more categories, they will be highlighted in blue once being selected and they will list all the items they contain. For example, if you press on the tiles and carpets, then revvis will list all the items it has under those two categories. All selected categories will be filtered and appear in the row just next to the search input field.

You can reset all the filters by pressing the left click button of your mouse/touchpad on the reset filter icon/button on the right corner of the catalogue window.

Once the items are listed, you have to press the left click of your mouse/touchpad to open the possible actions for that item.

The following possibilities will appear:

  • Place item - pressing the left click of your mouse/touchpad will hide the catalogue window and enable the placement of the furniture within your virtualisation subject to accessibility and viewing mode you are in. To place/apply the item simply press again the left click button of your mouse/touchpad on the desired area within your property. Once the item is applied/placed the catalogue window will automatically appear again.
  • Item details - when pressed on it with the left click of your mouse/touchpad it will open the details of the desired/selected item.
    • Material item's details - you will have a better focused view on the material itself. In the description subject to the availability you can see who is the manufacturer, manufacturer's website, the price per square meter, the name of the material, date of the material being implemented in revvis.
    • Furniture item's details you will have a better-focused view on the furniture piece, you can use arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys and Zoom in and out keys to having a better view of the item from all the angles, name of the furniture item, price if available and in which shop/website can it be found, dimensions if available.
  • Favoritise/Unfavoritise this item - this will favoritise this item or unfavoritise it. All favoritised items can be found under favoritised category.

On the top right of the window, you can minimize a catalogue window to the top of your screen or close it.